Muffia Video – Lesbian Sharing

Another week and another awesome muffia video update all ready for you guys. This time we bring you a pair of lusty women that are on the prowl for fresh cock and get fucked just like in mikeadriano‘s videos. The couple took to the clubs to hunt down their next lucky or unlucky target. Unlucky because what gets on these two sluts’ hands usually has problems walking straight the second day. As they spent a good time hunting for their pray in the club, they eventually laid eyes on their catch for the night. And happy with their choice, they took him to the VIP room right there at the club.

Basically throwing him in, they took of his pants and just pounced on the poor guy’s cock as soon as they saw it. And they started off with one amazing double blow job for , which you’ll see in the video. Afterwards the two nymphos take their turns riding the poor guy’s meat pole hard style. Amazingly he manages to keep up with their desires for a while, but soon he’s all out of energy and the two women look extremely pleased with each other having wrecked another guy’s cock for tonight.


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