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Another week and another awesome muffia video update all ready for you guys. This time we bring you a pair of lusty women that are on the prowl for fresh cock and get fucked just like in mikeadriano‘s videos. The couple took to the clubs to hunt down their next lucky or unlucky target. Unlucky because what gets on these two sluts’ hands usually has problems walking straight the second day. As they spent a good time hunting for their pray in the club, they eventually laid eyes on their catch for the night. And happy with their choice, they took him to the VIP room right there at the club.

Basically throwing him in, they took of his pants and just pounced on the poor guy’s cock as soon as they saw it. And they started off with one amazing double blow job for , which you’ll see in the video. Afterwards the two nymphos take their turns riding the poor guy’s meat pole hard style. Amazingly he manages to keep up with their desires for a while, but soon he’s all out of energy and the two women look extremely pleased with each other having wrecked another guy’s cock for tonight.


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Muffia XXX Video

Well for this muffia xxx update, we have a special treat for you. A slutty lady, and her sexual performance on video. That’s right you read it right. We’re bringing you videos from now on too, so you can enjoy our content in HD too. This Lady is named Megan and for this scene she’s playing the role of a lover that’s awaiting for her man to arrive and then offer up her body to his disposal. A think that the guy enjoyed as soon as he walked through the door and saw her dressed in her super hot outfit.

He didn’t even needed her to suck his cock to get him hard. When he saw her his cock got like a rock in a instant. Well to be fair Megan herself knows just how hot she looks, and the thought of his big cock fucking her hard style was just making her get even wetter. As the muffia intercourse session started the guy wasted no time in planting his cock in her pussy as first. He fucked her ass too at so head on there and see both of her holes stuffed by a big meat pole. Just like always we’ll see you again next time everyone! Until then, visit blog and enjoy watching other slutty chicks getting their tight holes stretched to the limits!


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Tied Up and Fucked

Remember the two blondes from a few muffia update ago? The ones having their fun by the poolside for the whole afternoon? Well today the pair returns with an even naughtier take on their sex session. Seems that the beautiful women would like to try out some light bondage for this one and the one with the longer hair offers herself to be bound to the bed while her friend will have her way with her body. Oh and let’s not forget the amazing outfits that the two hot pornstars are wearing today.

Both muffia xxx babes are wearing a set of pink and black outfits composed of sexy frilled panties, black high heels and some nice and tight corsets that really bring out those big boobs they’re packing.But enough fashion descriptions, that’s not why you’re here. Watch as the bound blonde simply has no choice but to stay on the bed laid on her back and receiving a master level oral sex session form her friend. She always has a way of pleasing her with her tongue. So don’t waste anymore time, watch them and enjoy. See you next time guys!



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Muffia Lesbian Fuck Buddies

Another week cam along and it’s time for a muffia lesbian gallery this time. For this one we bring you another pair of lusty blondes. The theme is a outdoor rustic setting for this one. The one with the short blonde hair is named Mia and the curvier long haired woman is Alexa. The two of them have been doing this sort of thing for a long time now and they’re the best of friends too. Every now and then the pair of women like to get together to have their sexual fun any time they get the chance.

Today they made a reservation at a secluded cabin at the country side. And they had the whole weekend for themselves to do whatever they wanted. So just sit back and enjoy their girl on girl session for today. Watch them kiss passionately and as they caress each other’s super sexy bodies. You know muffia never disanointed you thus far and we’re not going to start now with this one. We’re sure you’ll love the two little sluts in all of their fuck games for the weekend. Again we take our leave, so see you next time and enjoy, and don’t forget to visit the sweet sinner website if you’re looking for some similar content! See you soon!



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Angelica Heart Nailed

Oh boy, does the muffia crew have a special update for you today. This time we bring you none other than the well known porn star named Angelica Heart. This sizzling hot brunette keeps making a name for herself, and lately she’s been getting lots of attention. And naturally we wanted her to pose for us too. Lucky for us, on the day of the shoot Miss Heart was extra horny and the guy we provided for her to do the fucking would have his work cut out for him. Even from the beginning she decided that she would let him dry at the end.

So without further due, muffia presents miss Angelica Heart’s session of a long afternoon dicking, where she took her time having sex with the guy, sucking him dry of all his energy, just like in ddf network galleries. Watch him preset her with his big cock for her to get to start sucking, which she did immediately. When she got him nice and lubes for her other holes it was time for the fucking to really begin. watch her take a balls deep pussy fucking today everyone. Just like always we hope you enjoyed it. Until next time!


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Muffia – Rachel Roxx

Rachel Roxx is a truly kinky woman. She has such an incredible body, this muffia babe! This time she takes the role of a naughty and sex hungry secretary, that wants to move up a few ranks above her colleagues. And how does she intend to do that? Well how do you think. Just like all the successful women out there in her position. Please her boss, and if he’s happy she’ll be happy. This time she waited for him to enter his office and the building to clear of all other people for the night.

When the coast was clear, the woman entered the guy’s office and closed the door behind her, locking it. About this time, the guy realized that he would be in for some special treatment from his underling. And he was intending to receive is in this muffia update. So watch him give Rachel a good dicking in this awesome gallery and see the woman fucked every way she wants by her benevolent boss. Again sadly, we must take our leave but we’ll return again soon with more, until then however, enjoy this muffia update and see you then. And if you liked this visit website and have a great time watching other slutty babes riding big dicks!


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Muffia Pics

In today’s muffia pics update, we have another busty and lusciously curved blonde named Maia getting her fill of big cocks for the day, just like in reality kings videos. It’s all about luxury and privacy in this update, as the blonde evilangel plays the role of a rich business woman meeting with her lover for the evening. The two meet up in a hotel suite that she booked just for the two of them tonight. And she intends to make the fullest out of the situation tonight. She has a pretty long streak of fucking guys to exhaustion and this dude is about to see why.

One reason is that this muffia beauty has quite an insatiable hunger for cock. And more than once she got into some serious trouble in her quest to get some cock for herself. Luckily this time the cock will present itself, and she just needs to wait for it. As soon as he enters the door, she’s all over him, not giving him enough time to even say hello. Watch the pair fuck all over the place in this update and enjoy guys. We sure hope to have her again soon. Her session was truly unforgettable.



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Big Tits Porn Star Nailed

In this update, muffia brings you one smoking hot blonde that’s all about anal pleasure. She’s a rising porn star that’s just gotten to make  a name for herself in the industry, but according to her she always wants to impress. An that she did in this scene, where she was all set to take a big dick up her ass. Seems that was no problem for her as she really likes anal sex allot. She was all dressed up in a yellow dress and ready and eager to take her fucking hard style.

Our muffia guy couldn’t be more happy to oblige her request and desire to take a rough and thorough fucking so he delivered everything she wanted to get. Watch him as he starts to work on her pussy at first, but slowly makes his way to her ass which he properly stretches with his big dick. Suffice to say our blonde left as a very happy and satisfied woman after the shooting where she got to stretch her holes. Again we’re taking our leave but not before leaving this with you guys. Enjoy this muffia update and see you next time and if you can’t wait until the next week’s update check out website and find similar galleries. Enjoy!


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Muffia – Kelly Divine

Hello again everyone, muffia returns today with one sizzling hot update. For this one we would like to bring you Kelly Divine, a MILF with a passion for cock that no one can surpass. She is definitely one of the best glamour stars we have ever seen! Today she found herself on a relaxing trip and booked at a secluded hotel. Well it seems our naughty mature skipped over the fact that she might need some cock to keep her company. Well to her fortune there was this sexy stud cleaning the pool and you can pretty much bet that Kelly went out of her way to get his attention. In this muffia update you’ll see just what she did.

So at first she took off item of clothing after item of clothing to get him interested, suffice to say she got his attention when she reveal her big and round breasts to him and he made his way to her chair. The two then changed the scenery as they took a spot on the couch in the yard where they’d start having their fun this afternoon. Like all great sessions, Kelly starts sucking on his cock before taking it in her pussy. So take a seat and enjoy her muffia update today. We hope you’ll enjoy ti and we’ll be seeing you next week.


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Molly Muffia Hot Scene

Hello everyone, we return again this week with one super Molly muffia update. Who’s Molly you may be asking yourself. Well Let us enlighten you. Molly is a lusty and sensual blonde that regularly finds herself having sex with other women. Well her best friends, but to be fair, she mostly has female friends. For today she called in another blonde hottie who is looking great, just like the chicks from spoiledvirgins galleries, that was looking to spend a afternoon having sex with someone. The two women went out of their way to secure a pool for just the two of them, so they can have their fun in private.

As they came around noon, they took their sexy tiny bikinis and laid down, for some nice and uniform sunbathing, since they were planing to have their fuck sessions last for a really long while. Well it wasn’t long for the Muffia babes to get all nasty and to forget about their relaxing session. See them as they start to remove their clothes and kiss with such a passion while taking care of their gorgeous bodies. And after that, see Molly’s friend going down on her sweet pussy, licking it with so much desire. Have a pleasurable time with the upcoming muffia session and make sure that you’ll stay here till the end!


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